Coffee Shops to Love

I get excited when I arrive at a coffee dispensary that clearly loves what they do.

Now please don’t take this out of context, but I’m old-school and the hipster invasion with their smashed-avo for the price of a small Cornish cottage, for me, feels like nothing more than a long season in fashion (and I’m not fashionable.) It seems more about being ‘cool’ (albeit the coffee does tend to be top-notch) than much else.

“…coffee shop…like a 1974 Land Rover Defender 3 Series, lovingly restored”.

That said, this segment is all about coffee shops that have a great atmosphere and appeal to me from a renovation/fit-out perspective more than the menu, trendy music or length and breadth of beared baristas. Well-thought out use of recycled materials and quirky design that gives them personality is the focus here.

To me these are the coffee-shop equivalent of a 1920’s renovated fisherman’s cottage or a 1974 Land Rover Defender Series 3, lovingly restored… you get the picture!

Akin to renovating, I have more than just a love for great tasting coffee. In a previous life I was involved in the food/coffee industry back in sunny England.

There’s still a part of me that harps back to the halcyon days of barista training, product sampling, Ferrari-like coffee machines and too many shots of espresso. So, the cross-over with renovating and coffee are inextricably linked and both pique my interest on more than one level or another.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for this segment, I’d love to find more gems! Email: