Building Better Business


Designed for trades and builders who know they’re good at what they do but want to learn more business and marketing skills and to improve, grow or change direction of their business.

The workshops are limited to 6 participants so we can tailor aspects to suit each individual business. It’s designed to help you get a better understanding of your business, consumers and marketing and provide you with a clear direction for where you want to be in the future.

Check out the video and hear what participants had to say after the course.

Sadly, our industry has been tainted over the years by a minority of unscrupulous trades and builders and as a result, we tend to find ourselves battling a negative image on a daily basis. This course is for the many highly professional and conscientious trades and builders who do the right thing, excel in their fields, and want to grow their business or simply get a better understanding of ‘business’ and how to market themselves better.

While there are many good ‘business’ courses out there, most are not written from a trade perspective nor with the experience of many years in the building industry supported by a professional background in marketing. We stand by our experience and hands-on approach.

  • A builder with over 11 years’ experience in renovations, architectural luxury homes and one-off commercial projects – both in design and construct and construction only;
  • Over 8 years’ experience in marketing and advertising in the UK and Australia with major brands including Virgin, Birds Eye and Rover Cars;
  • Established 3 building companies and two sub-brands, all still successfully running today.
  • Small business owner for over 20 years.

What does the course cover?

We have developed this course in collaboration with a range of trades whom we worked closely with to ensure the content is relevant, practical and leaves attendees with real clarity on their business strategy and cost-effective marketing ideas.

Firstly, I promise you this… you will NOT walk away with a tried and tested, systemised sales process which will have you converting dozens of new business leads in the next six weeks and adding $100k to your bottom line by your next birthday! What I do promise is a clear understanding of your business direction, vision for the future and progressive support to get you there.

Specifically, some of the topics we cover include:

  • Vision & Mission Statements
    We write these with you and/or if you have them already, we assess them against your business plan and strategy for the future to ensure they align. You won’t leave without them!
  • 1-page Business Plan
    It’s possibly the single most important document your business can have – it’s not simply a template you take away and fill in. we work through this with you until we’re happy it’s right; your entire business future will hinge on it!
  • Realistic Marketing Plan
    It’s tailored to your business not just a rough guide and isn’t based around five-figure advertising budgets.
  • 3 and 6 month Cash Flow Models
    Yep, dull, but essential. We show you how we budget, monitor and track our businesses – there’s nothing fancy, automated or difficult about it, but it is effective.
  • Unique Selling Proposition
    While a cliché, having a single-minded proposition for your business is a vital ‘barometer’ to guide your business and will help focus, motivate and inspire other on your team or clients whom you work with.

We work on the premise that you leave with targeted and measurable actions you can implement immediately and a strategy for long-term sustainable growth.

This is not your average ‘business’ course. 

We also teach you about:

  • Psychology of selling and building relationships.
  • Banking and profitability on a day-to-day basis (Xero and Myob can’t do this).
  • Contracts and how to make clients want to sign them rather than a ‘taboo’ subject.
  • How to quote work and set yourself apart from the competition.
  • Consumer behaviour and body language.
  • We delve into the online world of social media, your website, SEO and SEM – like it or not – we all need them, so let’s understand them and make them work for us.
  • We even touch on stress and how best to manage the tougher days so it doesn’t affect us physically or impact on our family and social lives.

Who is this course designed for?
This course won’t suit everyone.

It’s designed for people who truly want to improve, grow or change their business direction. There are no ‘silver bullets’ or quick fixes – they don’t exist. Think of the course more like a personalised workshop – it’s not a lecture.

We make you think and we make you work.

We want you to leave with new skills that you can implement immediately and with a sustainable future in mind. But we know it’s often just not that simple. And we don’t want you to leave and for whatever reason not carry on the work we set in motion during the course.

So, we offer ongoing mentoring over the next six weeks – free of charge! It’s part of our commitment to ensuring your business benefits from what we teach.

Next Course Dates

TBC – Contact us for more details

6/62 Bayview Terrace, Claremont, Western Australia
9.00am – 4.30pm each day

A quality investment in you and your business.


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Spaces are limited to 6 only to ensure you receive quality time and support.
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