Interior designers, orthodontists, lawyers and vets… to name but a few. They all offer consulting services… and so do I!

One of my biggest gripes is the ‘system’ is broken. After working on plans with a designer or architect (and after a mammoth amount of time and money has been dispensed), clients then make their way to the builder for a quote. The quote all too often sits comfortably outside all the boundaries that were once considered a budget. And then… it’s back to the drawing board for amended designs, and guess what… these cost more money. Ka-ching!

Getting a builder involved at an early stage and working collaboratively with a design and engineering team is the only way to ensure your project will meander within the confines of the budget and leave no shocks at the end.

It’s often hard to know where to start, what may be possible and you’ve got a ‘dart-in-a-dartboard‘ approach to the budget from the outset.

My consultation process is far more than a coffee and chat about some ideas of what could be possible and a stab at the budget.

It is a frank and open conversation about the project holistically. From how you live your lives and how the ‘space’ will be utilised, to the practicalities and realistic cost expectations to build it.

We look in detail at ideas and concepts that could achieve your vision and give you thought-starters, design inspiration and an understanding of how the whole process works.

While we will take you up on the coffee, we will provide you with:

  • Design and conceptual idea generation
  • Summary of ideas
  • Plans and engineering and what that entails
  • Council processes and approval requirements
  • Any structural or design considerations
  • Budget and additional expectations
  • Stages of development (whether a kitchen or bathroom renovation or complete home build)
  • Building design approval and permit process
  • We give you unique access to our key suppliers. You can obtain products and services at our discounted rate from all our suppliers, ranging from tiles, paint and bathroom wares to flooring and fireplaces.

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