Barefoot Blog

Suffice to say, this part of the site has been a while in the making. Not so much like a fine wine or indulgent French cheese which has matured over time and subsequently tastes that much better for the wait. No, more a case of ever-decreasing “free time”, expiring gym subscription, addiction to ‘Suits’ and, arguably, a dab of laziness.

So, apologies made and excuses given, I hope you like my spin on the world of renovating, building, extending, adding and in some instances, subtracting from various projects that I am, or have been, involved in or those that have piqued and maintained my interest for long enough to write about them.

Through the different businesses I get exposed to a wide range of projects covering many aspects of the building industry. Not one of them stands out more than the other; each project is unique and comes with their own challenges and quirks.

Please feel free to get in touch with any projects, thoughts, comments or gifts, you think I may like:

Hope you enjoy it.


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